Background Variable: Date

About Date Background Variables

Date variables, as the name suggests, accept date formats and have various uses depending on the context. They have multiple purposes:

Add Date Background Variables

You can add background variables while creating a form field or directly under your survey settings. To add them from your survey settings, all you have to do is:

    1. Go to your survey and select settings on the side menu. If the menu is closed click on the menu icon () to open it first.
    2. Click on list of background variables.
    3. Click on the add background variable icon ().
    4. Select date and click next.
    5. Name the variable.
    6. Enable the require answer setting if you want the variable to be mandatory.

      The answer will only be required if the variable is used in the survey via a form question.

    7. Click add to create your variable.

Import Values to Date Background Variables

If you already have the respondent data stored, you have the ability to upload these values into your survey when you share it via organization, email, and Digital Post.

      • Organizations allow you to import your employees as members and thus store their background information. When sending a survey to organization members, you have the option to import member stored information to the survey. Learn more about sharing surveys with your organization.
      • When you share your survey via email and Digital Post, you can import Date variables with a respondent list (CSV file). Learn more about setting up respondent lists here, as well as sharing via email and Digital Post.

Whether it's from organization member profiles or a respondent list (CSV file), to import data into a Date variable, the value has to match the variable's format or the data will not be imported. The date format is mm-dd-yyyy.

Date Background Variables in Response Data Downloads

You can download your survey responses from Enalyzer for several purposes. You can use the file for analysis in other software, share it with your team, or import it to another Enalyzer survey.

In the response data download, Date background variables are found in one column. The column is named after the variable. By default, each response option under the variable will be displayed in the value format. You can read about data formats here.


Your account language determines the date format of your download. The format for accounts in the English language is mm-dd-yyy. All other languages are dd-mm-yyyy.

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