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What is a report version?

When you're monitoring your data based on different criteria, for example, respondents from Brazil and respondents from Honduras, the last thing you want to do is define your filters each and every time you want to look at your data. With report versions, you can define your filter criteria once and save it for later use.

Furthermore, you can share individual versions with readers and only give them access to that and exclude other data. For example, the Brazil country manager will only access Brazil data and not Honduras.

IMPORTANT: this feature is only available in organizations

How do I create a report version?

  1. Create a report and add your charts.
  2. Add your filters and define your filter criteria.
  3. Are you benchmarking anything? Then create data series and add them to your charts.
  4. When you're done setting up your report, click on filters and click save as new version*.
  5. Name your version and click save.

→ Learn how to bulk create report versions

* This feature is only available in organizations. Check out our plans.

How do I change between report versions?

  1. Navigate to your report and click filters.
  2. Click the versions tab.
  3. Select the version you want to view.

How do I share my report versions?

You can select to share your entire report or simply give access to filter versions you've created. You can only share report versions with organization members.

  1. Navigate to your report and click filters.
  2. Click the versions tab and edit.
  3. Select the version you want to share.
  4. Click on reader access and then on the add readers icon (add-chart.PNG).
  5. Select the organization members you want to share the version with and click add readers.

→ Learn how to bulk share report versions

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