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About Quizzes

Interactive quizzes or online surveys are a great way to engage and convert customers. Many of our customers use Enalyzer to create quizzes for their own businesses or just for fun.

There are several ways of creating quizzes with Enalyzer, for example, you can outline the correct answers after each question or at the end of the survey. Regardless, Enalyzer does not have the functionality to show correct answers, this has to be done manually by you.

With Enalyzer, you can show the final quiz score to respondents by using our score calculator.

Build The Quiz

To create your quiz, start by adding survey elements, such as text, media, and questions. Since we're going to be using the score calculator to create the quiz, it's important to note that these question types are compatible with the feature:

Quiz Scoring

You’ve probably taken quite a few online quizzes that, upon completion, give you some sort of information and a score, e.g. which Disney princess you are or your personality type. Quizzes like this rely on scores, which allows you to assign values to each response option and essentially score a result for each respondent.

With our score calculator, you can give each response option a unique value and create a variety of different outcomes based on respondent scores. As you can see, in the example below, the correct answer will earn the respondent 1 point. 


Display The Correct Answers & Score

Enalyzer does not have the functionality to show correct answers, this has to be done manually by using merge fields. You can create several text elements showing the correct answers, or you can simply add them all at the end of the quiz. That's up to you.

You can use merge fields in end pages and text elements to display the correct answers and the score. Depending on your setup, it could look something like the image below:


Once you're respondents answer, it would look something like this:


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