Counter Charts


About Counter Charts

Counter charts count variable values, as well as set a target for the count. In other words, counter charts are handy to help you keep an eye on your goals and let you watch as you reach them!

Add Counter Charts

To add Counter Charts, you have to:

  1. Go to your report, click on the add report element icon (), and select counter.
  2. Click on the variable the chart will be based on.
  3. Select the category (or categories) you will be counting and click next.
  4. Under name, you can give your chart a descriptive name. Otherwise, the chart will take on the name of the variable it is based on.
  5. Under target, define the target's format (percentage or number), or choose to not specify your target. If you choose the latter, the target will be the same as the total amount of respondents.
  6. Click add and your chart will be created and added to the bottom of your report immediately.


Counter Charts Layout

Counter charts are compatible with the following question types:

The default layout for counter charts is a gauge, however, they are also available as a circle and text layout.

Open Answers in Counter Charts

Multiple Choice, Rating Scale, Net Promoter Score®, and Recommendation Score questions have the benefit to allow respondents to leave a text entry. For Multiple Choice questions, it's the last response option, whereas the other question types nudge the respondent to elaborate on their answer to the scale.

When adding a Comparison chart based on one of these questions, the open answers will appear underneath the chart, allowing you to simply click on the open answers icon and view all the available answers.

To be able to see these open answers in your PDF download, you have to create a Frequency chart.


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