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About Accounts & Data Ownership

Data ownership depends on whether a survey was created in a personal account or organization. Surveys, data, and reports are created in personal accounts belonging to the user of the account. Whereas surveys, data, and reports created in or transferred to organizations belong to the organization and not the individual members who created them.

In this article, we break down the specifics of accounts and organizations and how these affect data ownership in Enalyzer.

Accounts & Plans

To access Enalyzer you need an account. The plan you have determines the level of access you have, in other words, which features you can use.

When someone creates an account in Enalyzer, it will always be on a free plan to start with. Free plans are subject to certain limitations and depending on your needs, you can choose to upgrade to one of the paid plans to access more features.

There are two ways of upgrading to a paid plan, upgrading online via a credit card or getting a contract with Enalyzer.

Our Starter and Professional plan are available in monthly and yearly billing for online upgrades. You can always downgrade the account at any time.

Contracts, on the other hand, are tailored specifically to your needs. They include the number of plans you need and are available for a minimum of a year. Contracts include two paid plans: Professional and Reader+.

Regardless of which plan you need to access Enalyzer, your account is personal, which means anything created within your personal account belongs to you.


For security and GDPR-related reasons, companies and organizations might want to centralize all their surveys, reports, and data in one place, instead of having it distributed throughout several personal accounts. Enalyzer organizations were created for that reason.

When you create an organization, you become the administrator of the organization and you can now navigate from working in your personal account and in the organization. Organization admins can invite people to join their organization, if they accept the invitation, they automatically become members of the organization.



All Enalyzer accounts that belong to an organization have access to both the organization and their personal accounts.

While you own everything created in your personal account, everything members create in the organization will always stay in the organization and cannot be transferred out, even if the member leaves or is removed from the organization.

You are able to transfer surveys and reports from your personal account to an organization. This would also transfer ownership to the organization and you’ll cease to own the surveys and reports transferred.

Though you are in the same organization as other members, you are not able to see or edit each other's surveys and reports. You can use workspaces in organizations and personal accounts to collaborate on surveys and reports with others.


Though surveys and reports cannot be transferred out of an organization, members can save surveys, and download reports, as well as the response data to their work or personal devices.

Contracts & Organizations

If you have a contract with Enalyzer, we recommend that you connect it to your organization. This will give organization admins an overview of the available contract plans, as well as the possibility to assign and remove plans among the members directly from the organization.


When a member is removed from the organization, all the work they created in the organization will remain there. If a member has to be removed from an organization and someone else has to take over their surveys and reports, we recommend the following before removing the member:

  1. The organization admin invites the new person to the organization.
  2. The organization admin or the new member creates a workspace and adds the member that is going to be removed.
  3. The member that will be removed should add their surveys and reports to the new workspace.
  4. If you have a contract with Enalyzer and it's connected to your organization, remove the contract plan from the member. Removing the contract plan equates to downgrading the account to a free plan.

Afterward, you can remove the member from the organization. Removing a member from the organization does not remove them from the contract, however, if you followed the above steps, the member will not be using any of your contract plans.

If a member leaves or is removed from the organization without sharing their surveys/reports via a workspace with other organization members, they will not be visible to anyone in the organization. To access or delete them, the organization admin has to contact our Customer Success Team.

Deleting your Account and Data

If you ever delete your account, all the surveys and reports in your personal account will be deleted 14 days after the account deletion. If you regret deleting it within those 14 days, you can contact us and we’ll restore it, along with all the survey, data, and reports.

Deleting your account does not delete any surveys and reports created in an organization since the owner is the organization and not you.

An organization can only be deleted by an admin and there can only be one admin in the organization at the time of deletion. Once deleted, all the surveys and reports in the organization will be deleted.


  • It is not possible to transfer a survey with its corresponding responses and reports (data) between organizations. However, if you are interested in using a survey as a template, you can share that with other personal accounts or organizations. This will not transfer the survey data. Learn more about sharing your survey as a template.

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