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About Sharing Surveys

You've built your survey and now it's the time we've all been waiting for — sharing it with your respondents. With Enalyzer you can share your survey in various ways:

Survey Sharing Method Description
Survey link

Enalyzer generates a link to your survey which you can share on your website, newsletters, company internal communications platform, and more.

Social media You can share the survey link directly on Facebook and Twitter directly from Enalyzer.
QR code

Enalyzer generates a QR code that allows your respondents to scan their way to your survey. You can use the code on flyers, posters, or anywhere you want.


Enalyzer organizations can ensure that all company-related data and content are centralized and kept in one place instead of distributed throughout individual accounts. Furthermore, organizations also allow for surveying organization members, as well as pulse/recurring surveys.


Send customized email invitations to your respondents. Email invitations contain a button that links to a unique link to your survey, meaning your respondents can only answer once, you can track their responses, and send reminders.


Embed your survey or show a pop-up/button on your website that will lead website visitors to your survey.

Custom link

Create a custom link based on background variables that will allow you to filter responses.

Digital Post

Send surveys using the Danish Digital Post.

You can mix and match any of these methods to meet your needs.

Respondent Limitations per Plan

Depending on your plan type, you have different respondent limitations:

  • Free: 10 respondents per survey
  • Professional: 50.000 respondents per survey

Once you have reached the limit, your respondents will receive a message that the survey is inactive. To activate it, you would have to upgrade.

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