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About Survey Link

The survey link is the URL used to take your survey. You can share your survey by pasting this link into an email, onto a website, or any communication you use with your respondents. Anyone who clicks on the link will be able to take the survey.

The link does not collect identifying information such as name or email address unless you specifically ask for it in the survey. Furthermore, a single respondent can choose to answer the survey several times.

If you use any of the system variables to collect identifying information, make sure that you do not make the survey anonymous, as these variables will be anonymized.

If you want respondents to have personalized links that record their contact information, you should try sharing your survey via email or organization.

Getting The Survey Link

Getting the survey link is easy, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to your survey, and select share in the side menu.
  2. Your survey's link is ready to be copied/pasted anywhere you like.

The survey link never changes. Even if you close the survey or make changes to your survey, the link will stay the same.

The survey link is unique for your survey and collaborator. This means if you've shared your survey via a workspace with others, you will all see a different link for the same survey.

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