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How do I integrate with my SFTP?

You can use SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to create scheduled survey invitations from a CSV file on your SFTP server. The CSV file must contain the respondents.

  1. Navigate to your homepage and click on the integrations area icon ().
  2. In the side menu, click on Enalyzer*.
  3. Click on add integration, and fill out the details of your SFTP server, then click next. If you already have one or more integrations click on the add integration icon () to add a new integration.
  4. Select the survey you would like integrated with your STFP server.
  5. Now you need to map the fields in the CSV file to the survey variable. If there is a CSV field that you do not wish to map to a survey variable, simply check the skip option. The email field needs to be mapped in order to proceed. Click next.
  6. Name your integration, define the frequency and invitation message, then click next.
  7. Set the integration to active and click done.

Your integration is now stored in the integrations library and can always be updated from there if needed. To see a history of changes made in a specific integration, scroll to the bottom and click integration log.

* This feature is only available in the Professional plan. Check out our plans.

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