End Pages

About End Pages

Thanking your respondents for completing your survey is not something that should be overlooked, that’s why we introduced end pages and these bad boys serve several purposes:

  • You can create customized messages to thank your respondents for taking the time to complete your survey
  • Redirect respondents to another website after they've submitted their answers
  • You can add social media icons to end pages and allow respondents to share your survey with their networks.
  • Once respondents land on an end page, they are immediately registered as "completed", even if they forget to click on the end survey button. This also works for integrations with Zapier and webhooks.

Add End Pages

To add an End Page, you have to:

  1. Go to your survey, click on the add survey element icon (GreenPlusIcon.png), and select end page.
  2. Type in the heading and text and change the typography (bold, italic, and underline).

    Use the merge field dropdown menu to insert your respondents' background
    information or their answers to previous questions.

  3. When you're done, click next.
  4. Under redirect URL, insert the website you want to redirect your respondents to when they have completed your survey. If left empty, it will redirect to an Enalyzer landing page.
  5. Under button text, you can customize the "end survey" button text, e.g. so it reads "submit" instead.
  6. Under sharing, you can add/remove the sharing icons from your end page. These icons allow your respondents to share your survey with their social media networks, perfect for marketing campaigns.
  7. When you're satisfied, click add.


  • Once you've created all the end pages you need, you can use jumps/conditions to specify which respondents go to which end page.

    To add a condition to an end page, you have to:

    1. Click on the end page
    2. Click on settings
    3. Click the add condition button.
    4. Select the question or background variable for the condition.
    5. Select the response option or value that needs to be fulfilled for the condition and click add.
    6. Your condition will now appear under your question settings.

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