Text in Surveys

About Text in Surveys

Text elements can be used as an introduction to your survey and/or as bridges between different sections of your survey, explaining what the next series of questions will focus on. In short, they are a way of adding descriptive text to your survey without asking a question.

Add Text to Your Surveys

To add a text element to your survey, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to your survey.
  2. Click the add survey elements icon (), and select text.
  3. Type in the heading and text, and change the typography (bold, italic, and underline).

    Use the merge field dropdown menu to insert your respondents' background information or their answers to previous questions.

  4. Add links to the text box by clicking on the link icon (LinkIcon.png) and the following will be inserted: [this is a link|http://www.example.com]. Add your text to the left of the vertical bar (|) and the link to the right, for example: [Enalyzer|http://www.enalyzer.com].

    Text elements can only contain HTTPS links.

  5. The link will be underlined in your survey and you can see a preview while you're editing the text.
  6. When you're satisfied, click add.

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