About Jumps

Jumps allow you to send respondents forward in the survey based on how they answer a question. For example, if a respondent does not agree to participate on the survey, they could jump to the end of the survey.

Jumps can only be used to send respondents forward in the survey, not backward.

Add Jumps

To add a jump, all you have to do is:

  1. Select the question to which you want to add the jump and click on the response option that you want to trigger the jump.
  2. Under behavior, click on the dropdown menu that reads go to the next element and select jump.
  3. Select the element that the respondent should jump to. 
  4. You are always able to see which questions contain jumps from the survey content overview. They are marked with an arrow followed by the survey element number that the question jumps to:

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