Consulting Services

About Consulting Services

Depending on your needs, we can help with specific tasks related to your project or you can outsource the entire project to us. Read more about our consulting services.

Our services are delivered by Enalyzer research consultants, research assistants, technical consultants, and project managers who have substantial experience in creating tailor-made customer solutions. Services are charged by the hour, depending on the service requested.

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Our Services

  • Together with you, we'll clearly define your goals for your project and build the survey that will get you the data you need. If you want to work on a pre-existing survey, we can help validate the existing questions, as well as customize it to fit the purpose of your project.

  • Your survey design has a direct impact on respondent retention and thus your response rate. Your survey speaks in two languages; words and visuals. So, your survey’s first impression relies on how these two complement each other. We are ready to create a professional, high-end survey design that aligns with your brand.

  • From SFTP integrations to recurring surveys, Enalyzer has multiple possibilities to create workflows that reduce manual work so you can concentrate on making better decisions. Our consultants are optimization machines that can help you automate your entire survey process.

  • Reports help you visualize and understand the data you've collected. With Enalyzer, you can also share your reports online to make sure everyone can make informed decisions. We can help set up reports coherent and professional reports, as well as make sure to share them with relevant stakeholders while maintaining confidentiality.

  • You can also outsource your entire survey project to our team of experts. With every single project we take on, we focus on listening, delivering, and sustaining. We listen to ensure that you get the best results to elevate your business. We first have to understand your goals, challenges, needs, expectations, and how you work — only then can we develop the right solution.

    For solutions to work, they have to be implemented. We see ourselves as your partners in crime and we'll make sure you understand the provided insights fully and guide you into implementing change.

    We deliver sustainable solutions that yield long-term results. To ensure that, we offer training, staying with you over time, and any assistance you may need.

Most Popular Customer Projects

  • Annual customer satisfaction
  • Touchpoint evaluations
  • Customer onboarding
  • Net Promoter Score

Most Popular Employee Projects

  • Annual employee satisfaction
  • Pulse surveys
  • Leadership performance
  • Employee exit

The Ideal Survey – become an expert in four days

Read all about our four-day course (Danish)

The course is for you who need to learn or refresh the methodological foundation around working with surveys. It gives you a practical introduction to how to work professionally with the design, implementation, and analysis of questionnaire surveys.

The course is divided into two two-day modules, A and B, where you learn:

Module A: Day 1 Questionnaire design
Module B: Day 2 Target group and Data collection
Module C: Day 3 Analysis and dissemination of results
Module D: Day 4 Statistical analysis of results in Excel

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