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Consulting Services

Depending on your needs, we can help with specific tasks related to your project or you can outsource an entire survey project to Enalyzer.

Most popular survey services:

  • Questionnaire creation and/or validation
  • Creating appealing corporate visual survey designs
  • Integrating and automatizing survey e.g. via Zapier
  • Advising on report set-up

Our services are delivered by Enalyzer research consultants, research assistants and technical consultants, who have substantial experience in creating tailormade customer solutions. Services are charged by the hour, depending on the service requested.

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You can also outsource your entire survey project to Enalyzer.

Most popular customer projects:

  • Annual customer satisfaction
  • Touchpoint evaluations
  • Customer onboarding
  • Net Promoter Score

Most popular employee projects:

  • Annual employee satisfaction
  • Pulse surveys
  • Leadership performance
  • Employee exit

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