Create Your First Report

Create a Report

You can customize your report by creating filters, sections, and color themes. When you are satisfied with your report, you can download it to PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint and you can also share it online!

  1. Click on the reports area (ReportsAreaIcon.png) and click new on the side menu.
  2. Select the survey you are creating a report on.

  3. You now have two options, you can click on add charts to add charts manually and start the report from scratch, or click on add them for me and the system will automatically add charts to your report which gives you a place to start and a report you can fully customize.

  4. It's time to build your report.

Build Your Report

You can now start building your report by adding the report elements you need. The report elements are:

Report Elements Description
Text Elements

Report text elements can be used to introduce your entire report and/or sections of your report to your report readers. You can add buttons to your text elements that link to a website of your choosing. This could be used to direct readers to an action plan or download a file.

Charts Report charts are the central report component. We have several chart types to make sure you can visualize your data. Different charts address different needs and the correct combination will get you the insight you need.
Images & Videos

Media can be useful tools to help convey results to report readers.

Report Sections

Report sections are the perfect tool to organize your report into cohesive themes.

Turn Data Into Insight

Enalyzer reports have several features that can help you elevate your reports and fully customize them so that you understand your data. To get the best out of reports you can use any and all of the following:

Report Filters
Filter reports by answers, time, and any survey background variable, e.g. age, department, unit, company, and more. Filtering and drilling down into your data gives you a better understanding of the state of your business.
Data series
Data series is a grouping of data based on one or more criteria. Add data series to charts for comparison or benchmarking purposes. This gives you an easy way to compare your results across departments, countries, and other variables.
Variables Versions
Change variables and define them yourself, e.g. merge two response options into one or change the response labels.

Design Your Report

Create color themes that match your brand or choose specific colors for each response option, for example, red for negative results and green for positive. Save your color themes in your account for later use.

Update Report Data

When a report is created, it will show the data available in the survey at the time of its creation. Whenever a report owner administrator or collaborator opens a report, the data will automatically refresh, ensuring access to the most current data.

The data in reports can be updated by pressing F5, refreshing the browser while on the report content page, or click on the update data button.

If you have several reports from the same survey, once you update the data of one report, the others will also be updated.

Report owners and collaborators can update report data 5 times per 10 minutes.

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