Simulated Data

About Simulated Data

Simulated data is designed to give you an understanding of our reports and all its features. With simulated data, you can interact with and explore reporting features using simulated survey data, providing a hands-on experience. This feature is available for both free and professional users. Free users can unlock reporting functionalities and upgrade to use their collected data instead. Professional users can set up their reports so that everything is done and ready by the time data collection is over.

Making changes like adding or removing filters while working with simulated data will result in an entirely new dataset, rather than reverting to the previous state. 

Simulated Data for Free Users

Free users can use this feature to explore and understand the reporting features within Enalyzer. Simulated data allows them to create and work with reports, getting a hands-on experience of the platform's capabilities.

Free users can only work with simulated data. To incorporate your collected survey data into your reports, you must upgrade to the Professional plan.

Simulated Data For Professional Users

Professional users can also benefit from using simulated data. If you have a professional account but your survey doesn't have any collected data yet, you will be presented with simulated data in your reports. This allows you to build your reports even when they have yet to gather real-world responses.

As soon as survey data is collected, you can update your report data to replace the simulated data with the actual survey data in your report. To update report data, you have to click on the timestamp under the report's name.

The timestamp shows the date and time of the latest update.

If you have several reports from the same survey, once you update the data of one report, the others will also be updated.

Report owners and collaborators can update report data 5 times per 10 minutes.

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