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Account & Data Ownership


To use Enalyzer you need an account and depending on your plan, more on that later, you can access different features. All Enalyzer accounts are private, which means anything created within the personal account belongs to the account owner.


For security and GDPR-related reasons, companies and organizations can centralize all their surveys, reports, and data in one place, instead of distributing them throughout individual accounts. Enalyzer organizations were created for that reason.

Organization admins can invite accounts to join their organization as one of the following organization members roles:

  • They have:
  • Collaborators can:
    • Create their own surveys, reports, and workspaces.
    • Collaborate with other organization members via workspaces
    • Share online reports with other organization members
  • Administrators can do everything collaborators can, plus:
    • Change the organization's name and design
    • Invite/remove organization members
    • Customize member profiles and create teams
    • Change member roles
    • Connect a contract to the organization
    • Assign available plans in the contract
info-icon.png Organization members’ names are determined by the administrator that added them to the organization, which means that in rare cases there can be a discrepancy between the account and organization member name. Nevertheless, the organization administrator and admin can always see the connected account with the member under the member profile.

Everything organization members create in the organization will always stay in the organization and can never be transferred out, even if the member leaves or is removed from the organization. All organization members can switch between working in the organizations they’re part of and their personal accounts.

info-icon.png Though surveys and reports cannot be transferred out of an organization, members can save surveys, download reports, as well as the response data to their work or personal devices.

When a member is removed or leaves the organization, all the work they created in the organization will remain there. If a member has to leave an organization and someone else has to take over their surveys and reports, we recommend that the new person is invited to the organization. The member leaving can share their surveys and reports with the new member via a workspace. Afterward, the member can be removed from the organization and the new member would have access to the surveys and reports.

info-icon.png If a member leaves or is removed without sharing their surveys/reports via a workspace with other organization members, they will not be visible to anyone in the organization. To access or delete them, the organization administrator has to contact Enalyzer Customer Support.

Regardless of their membership to one or several organizations, the account owner will always have access and own everything in their private account. Account owners are able to transfer surveys and reports from their private account to an organization. This would also transfer ownership to the organization and the account owner would cease to own the surveys and reports transferred.

Security guidelines for organizations

Because organization admins can manage everything about an organization, we recommend that you follow these guidelines to keep your organization more secure.

  1. Have minimum of 2 admins. In case of account lockout, you can always have 1 admin to fall back on.
  2. Require two-factor authentication for admins. It's actually a good idea to require 2FA for all of your users, but admins should definitely be required to use 2FA to log in. 2FA makes users enter a second method of identification to verify they're who they say they are, which means that if an admin account gets compromised, the password is useless without the second form of identification.

Plans: Online & Contracts

Enalyzer provides the following plans:

  • Free
  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Reader+

When someone creates an account in Enalyzer, it will always be on a free plan to start with. Free plans are subject to certain limitations and depending on the account owner’s needs, they can choose to upgrade to one of the paid plans to access more features.

There are two ways of upgrading to a paid plan, upgrading online via a credit card or getting a contract with Enalyzer.


The account owner simply upgrades their account from a Free to a Starter or Professional plan available in monthly and yearly billing. The account can be downgraded back to a free plan at any time.


A company signs a contract with Enalyzer, minimum for a year, that includes a certain number of plans. Contracts can include the following plans:

  • Free
  • Professional
  • Reader+: these paid plans are exclusive to contracts.

Contracts & Organizations

Contract plans can be distributed via the contract overview inside the contract administrator’s account settings. However, to help facilitate this process directly inside the organization, organization administrators can connect the contract with the organization. This will give organization admins an overview of the available plans in the contract directly from with the organization and allows them to assign and remove contract plans automatically or manually among the organization members directly from the organization.

We always recommend that you connect your contract to your organization and manage contract plans from within the organization.

When you want to remove an organization member, we recommend that you first remove the contract license, if they have one. Afterward, you can remove them from the organization.

info-icon.png Removing a member from the organization does not remove them from the contract.


Downgrading an account has the following implications:

  1. The account owner will have a limited feature set compared to the previous plan.
  2. Survey send-outs may be deactivated if the number of responses surpasses the limitation of the plan the account owner has downgraded to. Let’s look at an example.

    A Professional account invites 1.000 respondents to a survey and 500 answers the survey completely or partially. Soon afterward, the account is downgraded to a Free plan. If any of the remaining 500 respondents try to access the survey, they will see a message stating the survey is inactive. The reason for this is because Free plans are limited to 100 respondents per survey, and this level has now been surpassed. 

These implications apply to surveys in organizations and private accounts. Downgrading an account does not delete surveys, reports, or data.

Account deletion and data

When an account owner chooses to delete their account, all the surveys and reports in their private account will be deleted 14 days after the account deletion. If the account owner regrets the deletion within those 14 days, they can contact Enalyzer and we can restore it. Deleting the account does not delete any surveys and reports created in an organization since the owner is the organization and not the account owner.

Organization deletion and data

An organization can only be deleted by an admin and there can only be one admin in the organization at the time of deletion. Once deleted, all the surveys and reports in the organization will be deleted.

info-icon.png Admins can change member roles, including other admins.


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