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How do I select multiple values within the filters I have for a report?

You added a text background variable to your survey, e.g. "country" and now you want to see the answers from "Sweden", "Denmark" and "Norway" in your report, however, you see that you can only pick one at a time and not all of them, what to do?

First an explanation. The reason this happens is that you are dealing with a text background variable. Text background variables are not validated, which means that respondents can add whatever they want to it and therefore potentially create a myriad of different options.

So, if you know the available options for your background variable, we recommend you add them as selection list. When doing this, you will be able to select multiple options within your filters in your reports.

Can I fix this?

Yes, you can with variable versions! Enalyzer allows you to define your own variables so that you can get the insights you need. What you have to do is create a variable version and add all the different options as 'categories', when you're done, use that version as your filter.

  1. Go to your report and select settings on the side menu. If the menu is closed, click on the menu icon (burger.PNG) to open it first.
  2. Click on variables*.
  3. Click on your variable and select add variable version. You now have the following options:
    • Name: Edit the name of your variable view. The default name will be Version X; x being the number of the variable view.
    • Categories: Edit the categories this variable view contains.
      1. Your available categories should already be added. If not, click on the add icon (add-grey.PNG) to add them or select and click on the trash bin icon () to remove any you will not be using.
      2. To rearrange the categories, click on the rearrange icon (), drag and drop the categories and click done.
    • Values and settings: Exclude/include variables from charts and average calculations and change the variable values.
  4. Your changes are saved immediately.

* Feature is only available with a Professional subscription. View our plans and pricing.

You can now use the variable version to create benchmarks or to filter your reports.

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