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Can I send a new survey by filling out another survey on Enalyzer?

Yes. Basically, you'll be connecting two Enalyzer surveys using Zapier. But how's this useful? Many touchpoints require a consistent evaluation and this is where this automation becomes relevant. Example cases are ongoing sales meeting evaluations or customer interactions with your customer support. Instead of creating a CSV file after every meeting or customer interaction, you can add the respondent's data (name, company, sales/support agent) into one survey and transfer it to another one, without having to access Enalyzer.

IMPORTANT: this can only be done when you want to send email survey invitations

Step 1: Create your survey

For the sake of simplicity, "survey" refers to the survey that you are sending out to respondents, e.g. customer satisfaction survey. "Form" refers to the form where you can insert the respondent data and trigger your survey to be sent out.

  1. Create your survey in Enalyzer
  2. Define the data that you want to transfer from the form. For example, for a customer satisfaction survey, you might want to transfer the following:
    • Customer email (required)
    • Customer name
    • Country
    • Support agent name
  3. Once you've identified the variables you need, add them to your survey as background variables. It's important that you select text as the variable type.

Step 2: Create your form

Now that you have a survey, you need a form where you can insert the data you need to transfer to your survey. In other words, you are creating the same background variables and adding them to the survey using the form question type.


Step 3: Connect your form to your survey using Enalyzer

You need:

Create your Zap

  1. Click → send a new survey when an Enalyzer survey is completed.
  2. Click on try it!
  3. Enalyzer is the Trigger app, and the Trigger is new respondent completed. Click continue.
  4. Click on connect an account and a new window will open.
  5. Click on grant access.
  6. Click save + continue.
  7. From the dropdown menu, choose the form that will trigger the survey. Click continue.
  8. Zapier is going to ask you to test your Enalyzer trigger by fetching an existing respondent in your survey. To do this, click fetch & continue and continue again, once the test was successful.
  9. Enalyzer is your Action app and the action is create respondent. Click continue.
  10. Select your account or click on connect an account, and a new window will open. Simply follow the instructions.
  11. From the dropdown menu, select the survey you want to send once the respondent data is inserted in the trigger form.
  12. From the dropdown menu, select the message you want to send to your respondents.
  13. There are 3 required fields, first name, last name, and email.
  14. Click on the insert a field icon to insert fields from your trigger form until you have something like this:
  15. Click continue and create & continue.
  16. Finally, click finish. Enalyzer and Zapier will do the work for you. Share the survey link with your employees so they can send out surveys without accessing Enalyzer.
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