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My survey is not working with my newsletter app, what's wrong?

Enalyzer is a brilliant tool for marketing purposes and therefore you might want to share your survey with your customer, employees, etc. through a newsletter. Email marketing services such as MailChimp and SendGrid give customers tons of tracking possibilities. For this to be possible, they use link-tracking features to pass information about a specific campaign back to their reports.

For example, they will add a parameter called "utm_campaign" to the links you insert in your newsletter/email. However, adding parameters to Enalyzer links that are not set up as variables in your survey, will break the link.

Enalyzer links are designed to fail if a value outside of what is expected is fed into the link. To fix this, you have to add these parameters as background variables to your survey.

How do I fix it?

  1. First, you have to see which parameters are being added to your survey. To do this, set up the newsletter and send yourself a test.
  2. In the test email you receive, right click on the hyperlink/button that contains the Enalyzer survey link, copy the link and paste in notepad. It might look like this: https://surveys.enalyzer.com?pid=fpbbekq3&utm_campaign=53c8cfea6c-Sales-Campagin
    1. The Enalyzer survey link is: https://surveys.enalyzer.com?pid=fpbbekq3
    2. Everything after "&amp" are parameters that your email marketing application is adding to your links. In this case, the parameter being added is "utm_campaign".
  3. Now you have to add the parameter(s) as a background variable to your survey. Go to www.enalyzer.com.
  4. Go to your survey and select settings in the side menu. If the menu is closed, click on the menu icon () to open it first.
  5. Click on list of background variables.
  6. Click on the add background variable icon () *.
  7. Select text as the variable type.
  8. Click next.
  9. The name of your variable has to be exactly as the parameter. In this case, "utm_campaign".
  10. Click add to create your variable.
  11. Everything should be working now.

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