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Troubleshooting SFTP integrations

Your SFTP integrations can fail for a variety of reasons which can be found in the integration log. In this article, you will find explanations to these error messages you might encounter if your SFTP integration fails.

Integration skipped because the same file was processed too recently.

Before the integration runs it will check if any changes have been made to the CSV file. If there are none, the integration will not run and you will encounter this error.

Integration failed because the file was not found. Make sure that the file is available on the SFTP server via the specified path.

If you move, rename, or delete the CSV file the integration will fail and this error will be shown in your log. If you need to move or rename your file, you have to set up a new integration.

Integration failed because values for required background variables are missing from the CSV file. Make sure that all required background values are present in the CSV file.

This error occurs if you have removed any of the required variables. If you change the columns in the CSV file after having set up the integration, make sure that the required background variables are still there.

Integration failed because the file could not be parsed. Make sure there are no errors in the specified CSV file.

This error occurs if your CSV file is not formatted correctly. Learn how to set up a CSV file.

Integration failed because of too many respondents in the CSV file.

If there are more than 200000 (two hundred thousand) rows in your CSV file (including the headings) the integration will not work. In other words, there's a maximum of 199999 respondents per CSV file.

Integration failed due to invalid mapping. There were unrecognized columns present in the file. Make sure all the columns in your CSV file are correct or create a new integration if your mapping has changed.

If the CSV file has changed from your initial mapping – e.g. added, changed positions of, or removed columns – the integration will stop working. Restoring the mapping will fix the issue, but if you need the new changes, you have to create a new integration.

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