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My survey is anonymous, can I filter/search through my respondents?

Yes, even though your survey is anonymous you will still be able to filter/search through your respondents, however, to protect anonymity there are some restrictions with and without filter/search:

  • Your respondent library, without filters, doesn't show the status (complete, incomplete, refuse, etc) for each respondent.
  • If you filter by either status or categories and less than 6 respondents match your filter criteria, Enalyzer will only show you the number of respondents that match and not a list of the specific respondents.
  • If you filter by status or categories and more than 6 respondents match your filter criteria, Enalyzer will display the list of respondents without showing you their response status.
  • You are not able to view respondent logs or individual answers. You can always download your response data file to Excel or CSV to view individual responses.

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