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I can't see my open answers in my PDF report, what do I do?

Certain question types such as multiple choice and rating scale, have the benefit to allow the response option to be open. This is useful for respondents to elaborate on certain response alternatives, such as "other". When creating a report, these open answers will appear underneath the respective chart.


To be able to see the open answers in your PDF report, you have to create a copy of the chart and change it to an open answers chart.

  1. Go to your report
  2. Click on the actions menu and click on copy.
  3. Select the chart you want to copy and click copy.
  4. Click on the heading of the newly created chart.
  5. Under layout, select the open answers chart type. Your changes will be saved immediately.
  6. Close the edit chart menu.
  7. Open the side menu, and select download.
  8. Under file format, click to open the dropdown and select PDF.
  9. Under report content, select charts and open answers.
  10. Finally, click download.

Your open answers will be at the end of your PDF report.

* Feature is only available with a Professional subscription. View our plans and pricing.

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