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What's new? - Feature releases and updates

August 2020

  • Readers can select report language
    If your report has several languages, readers can now select their default language when you share it with them. 
  • News, guides, video tutorials, and more straight from the platform
    To make sure you can find help and inspiration right where you need it, we've made all our content available straight from the platform.
  • Report variables support decimal values
    Decimal values are now available for report variables.
  • New chart type: Theme overview
    Surveys are often divided into themes that can consist of one or more questions. Usually, matrice questions will be used to cover a theme. Now, you can compare these themes in one single chart.
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  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
    We are now WCAG 2.1 level AA compliant.
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July 2020

  • Alert when no more plans are available in contract
    If your contract and organization are connected, organization admins will be alerted when there are no more contract plans available to assign.
  • Disconnect a contract from an organization
    You can now disconnect your contract from your organization. Once you disconnect the contract from the organization, you'll be no longer able to change or assign plans to the organization's employees/members.
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  • Images in PDF and PowerPoint report downloads
    If you have added any images to your report, you can now download them to PDF and PowerPoint.

June 2020

  • Change plans for employees
    You can now view and change plans in the employee menu as well as the member menu.
  • Automatic allocation of plans to organization members
    Automatic plan allocation is now available for all contract plans. At any point that one of your organization members makes use of a paid feature, they will automatically be allocated one of the plans in your contract.
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May 2020

  • Share reports as templates
    When you share surveys as templates, you can also share any related reports. When someone creates a survey based on your template, they'll also get your reports. This will save your colleagues tons of time.
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  • Connect your contract with your organization
    You can connect your contract with an organization. If you are the organization and the contract administrator, you'll be able to access the contract from within the organization.
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  • Automatic allocation of Reader+ plans 
    Instead of allocating Reader+ plans manually, you could opt for doing it automatically. What that entails is that at any point that one of your readers with a free plan wants to access a report that requires a paid plan, they will automatically be allocated one of the Reader+ plans in your contract.
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April 2020

  • Import employees
    Bulk import employees and add them into existing groups with a CSV file instead of adding them manually.
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  • New chart type: Top/Bottom
    Top/Bottom charts visualize the strongest and weakest data points which allow the reader to understand what is working and/or what needs improvement. They are available for the Rating Scale, Matrix Rating Scale, Net Promoter Score®, and Recommendation Score question types.
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  • Organization templates 
    Share your surveys as organization templates that can be accessed by admin and collaborators of the organization.
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  • New automation: send recurring surveys to employees
    Recurring surveys is the new automation that allows organization admins and collaborators to automatically survey employees on an ongoing basis and get frequent feedback with just a few clicks.
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March 2020

  • Encrypt text background variables
    You can now encrypt and decrypt text background variables. Any decryption of data is logged and encrypted variables cannot be viewed in reports.
  • Filter employees
    Filter employees via their name, role in the organization, status, and groups they belong to. 
  • Change roles for employees
    Organization administrators can change organization roles (admin, collaborator, reader) directly in the employee menu, as well as the member menu.
  • New plan only for contracts
    Users with contracts are able to purchase a new plan Reader+ for reports readers. The Reader+ plan gives users the possibility to read all reports shared with them.
  • Reports with certain features can only be accessed by paid plans
    Reports with 10+ elements, 1+ sections, and/or data series are limited to paid plans. In other words, if your report has any of these features, your readers will need a paid plan to access it.
  • Free and Starter users can create and manage organizations
    Free and Starter users are able to create and manage organizations.
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February 2020

  • New formats for text background variables
    Now you can define a format for text background variables: email, numeric, or custom. With the custom format, you can add your own regular expressions to create your own format.
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  • Add employees and group them in organizations
    Organization admins can add employees to their organization and add them to groups, e.g. marketing and sales.
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  • Customize employee profiles
    All employees have profiles consisting of their background information such as name and email. You can customize these profiles by adding other variables such as age, gender, salary, manager, and more.
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  • Send surveys to organization employees
    You can invite your organization employees to surveys directly from Enalyzer by using the stored data in their profiles, instead of manually setting up a CSV every time you conduct a survey.
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