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We want you to elevate your businesses by getting the most out of Enalyzer. That's why we've compiled five options for you: The Essentials, Insight Expert, Ultimate Training, onsite training, and online training. If you have any questions, contact our support team at support@enalyzer.com.

Content overview:

  The Essentials Insight Expert Ultimate Training
Text elements and end pages yes.png   yes.png
Essential question types e.g. multiple choice & rating scale yes.png   yes.png
Advanced question types e.g. NPS & file upload   yes.png yes.png
Images and videos   yes.png yes.png
Merge fields and jumps yes.png   yes.png
Conditions based on previous questions yes.png   yes.png
Conditions based on background variables   yes.png yes.png
Validating survey responses   yes.png yes.png
Visual survey design yes.png   yes.png
Data collection via link and QR code yes.png   yes.png
Website collector   yes.png yes.png
Customized survey links based on background variables   yes.png yes.png
Personalized email messages yes.png   yes.png
Reminders yes.png   yes.png
Scheduling surveys   yes.png yes.png
Scheduling reminders   yes.png yes.png
Respondent CSV import yes.png   yes.png
Background variable import   yes.png yes.png
View individual responses yes.png   yes.png
Response notifications   yes.png yes.png
Zapier automations   yes.png yes.png
SFTP automation   yes.png yes.png
Organization automation   yes.png yes.png
Text elements yes.png   yes.png
Image and videos   yes.png yes.png
Frequency and comparison charts yes.png   yes.png
Time series and counter charts   yes.png yes.png
Report pages   yes.png yes.png
Filters yes.png   yes.png
Advanced filters   yes.png yes.png
Editing variables   yes.png yes.png
Data series for benchmarking   yes.png yes.png
Report versions   yes.png yes.png
Color themes yes.png   yes.png
Share reports yes.png   yes.png
Download reports yes.png   yes.png
Share surveys and reports with your team   yes.png yes.png


Training course descriptions and details



The Essentials

For people that want to master the Enalyzer essentials. The Essentials course covers the fundamental functionality of building engaging survey experiences from start to finish, as well as gaining insight with online reports to make better decisions.

Duration: 6 hours | Available languages: Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch | Price: 3000 DKK


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Insight Expert

The Insight Expert course is for professionals that want to effectively design, execute, and analyze engaging survey experiences to collect the data they need to gain insight and identify trends with online reports. The course focuses on Enalyzer advanced settings to get the most out of any research.

Duration: 6 hours | Available languages: Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch | Price: 3000 DKK

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Ultimate Training

Discover how to build surveys, create informative dashboard and reports, and explore Enalyzer’s exciting features. The Ultimate Training covers The Essentials and Insight Expert agendas and enables you to master the Enalyzer platform. The goal is to cover best practice methods and teach you how to create engaging surveys and informative reports to conduct any type of research and make better decisions for your business.

Duration: 2 days | Available languages: Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch | Price: 5000 DKK

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Onsite Training

Training your team on your own can be difficult and time-consuming. So, why not let us do it for you? Exactly! In collaboration with you, we’ll customize a training agenda focused only on the Enalyzer features that matter most to your organization’s success. To ensure that you get the most out of the course, we can train a maximum of 10 people.

Duration: 6 hours | Available languages: Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch | Price: 9500 DKK + transport

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Online Training

Online training courses give you the possibility to learn from the comfort of your own computer. We can adapt The Essentials and the Insight Expert courses to an online format or tailor a course that meets your needs. Online courses are fit for individuals or small groups.

Duration: max 2-3 hours | Available languages: Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch | Price: 1000 DKK per hour

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