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How do I add a Top/Bottom chart?

Top/Bottom charts visualize the strongest and weakest data points which allow the reader to understand what is working and/or what needs improvement. Furthermore, Enalyzer Top/Bottom charts are dynamic, so the top and/or bottom items shown in reports change as new data comes in.

How do I add a Top/Bottom chart?

  1. Go to your report*, click on the add element icon (add-chart.PNG) and select Top/Bottom.
  2. If you want to see your top ratings select top. If you want to see your bottom ratings select bottom. Define the maximum number of items you want to view in your chart and click next.
  3. Select the variables you want to observe and click add. Your chart will be created and added to your report immediately.

You can edit your chart’s text, type, color theme, and data format. You can also filter your charts and add data series. Finally, when you are satisfied with your chart, you can share it with other readers!

* Feature is only available with a Professional subscription. View our plans and pricing.

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