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About Our Spam Policy

You must use Enalyzer in accordance with Enalyzer’s current terms and conditions. If your usage of Enalyzer violates the terms and conditions, Enalyzer may issue a warning, or suspend or terminate your account. Please note, that Enalyzer can change its terms and conditions at any time and it is your responsibility to stay updated and adhere to these.

Enalyzer has a zero-tolerance policy toward spam. This means, that all email recipients must have opted to receive messages from the sender, i.e. you. Users, who send unsolicited emails may be terminated. It is your responsibility to ensure that the emails you send out in connection with your surveys are not marked as spam or have a higher refusal rate than the industry standard. If Enalyzer determines that your level of spam reports or your refusal rate is higher than the industry standard, Enalyzer has the sole discretion to suspend or terminate your usage of their website and services. If you have low response rates, high misuse rates, or high spam rates, Enalyzer may request further information regarding your mailing lists to investigate and try to solve the issue or, in some cases, suspend or take away email privileges from your account. Emails that you send via Enalyzer must have a valid reply-to address, which is owned or controlled by you. You may only use Enalyzer to send emails to recipients who have given their explicit consent, or to those whose email addresses you have because of their relationship with you as a supplier, client, or employee.

Enalyzer forbids the use of email address harvesting. Enalyzer will terminate accounts that violate this prohibition. Enalyzer forbids the use of third-party purchased or rented mailing lists unless you are able to document that the people on the list have opted to receive emails of the type you are going to send them. You must not send emails to newsgroups, internet forums, distribution lists, or email addresses you have obtained without permission. You must not use Enalyzer to send emails with misleading subject lines, fake or misleading subject lines, and headlines.

Spam complaints exceeding 0.08% within 7 days will result in account suspension, which means you are not able to send survey email invitations and your automations will be deactivated. Spam suspension requires at least 3 spam reports and at least 100 mails sent.  Please contact Customer Success if you experience this.

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