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How does it work if more than one person has collected responses for a survey?

Collaborating on surveys is possible for users with different plans, but the respondent limits do affect the total amount of respondents that can be downloaded and reported on. The number of respondents that you can contribute to the report depends on your plan.


We have two users:

  • User A with a FREE plan, limited to 100 respondents in reports and raw data downloads.
  • User B with a STARTER plan limited to 500 respondents in reports and raw data downloads.

User A (FREE) invites 200 people to Survey 1 and all respond (lucky them!). User B (STARTER) invites 200 and none answer. Even though their collective total is 200 respondents, as a team they will only get to look at the 100 that User A collected.

Why? Because respondents are tied to the user that collected their responses and therefore subject to their limitations. In the above example, User B can only see 100 because User A can only contribute a maximum of 100 respondents due to the FREE plan limitations.

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