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At Enalyzer we do our utmost to keep our customers' data safe and our web-based survey systems accessible at any time. Therefore we have engaged with Microsoft Azure, whose cloud infrastructure supports over 1 billion customers across enterprise and consumer services in 140 countries and is backed by Microsoft's $15 billion (USD) investment in global data center infrastructure. Hence as an Enalyzer customer, you get what you should expect from a high-end web app provider. Top system performance, availability, and security, which has the best practice levels within the industry. In the following sections, we highlight our security’s main points. Nevertheless, since we are completely transparent, you can dig deeper and learn more about our security measures by following the relevant links for more information.

Enalyzer is also independently audited, based on the ISO27001/2700 standard, in order to secure that we provide an appropriate technical– and organizational set-up. You can access the yearly ISAE 3402 Type 1 assurance report here

Steen Ødegaard, Enalyzer CTO and Co-founder

Please be aware, if you are a user of our other Enalyzer products, Enalyzer Survey Solution and Enalyzer Relations Panel, the following Security applies.


Read more in our Security section on our website.

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