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What are Enalyzer's password requirements?

To protect your Enalyzer account and data, it's important that you create a strong password. We recommend a password that contains more than 8 characters and has numbers, upper and lower case letters, as well as special characters. The longer the password, the better. Avoid using names, birthdays, common dates, and obvious words or phrases that describe the website the password is for.

That being said, we do have a password policy:

  • The minimum password length is 8 characters
  • There are no complexity requirements nor do passwords expire
  • After 5 unsuccessful attempts within 30 minutes, your account will be locked for 10 minutes and Captcha security will be enforced. We have Captcha security on all critical endpoints. Captcha is enforced when logging in after 5 invalid attempts from the same IP within 30 minutes.
  • Sessions do not expire, this means that we do not log you out automatically, you have to do this yourself.
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