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How can I organize my surveys and reports?

We're guessing you're here because you have tons of surveys and reports and have lost control/overview. Do not despair, we have the solution: workspaces.

Workspaces allow you to share your surveys and reports with your team. Moreover, you can filter through workspaces in your survey and report libraries, making them excellent for organizing your content. In short, you can think of them as folders.

  1. Create a workspace and add your survey and reports.
  2. If you want to find a survey, click on the surveys area (area-surveys.png). If you want to find a report, click on the reports area (area-reports.png).
  3. Click on library.
  4. On the right corner of your library, you'll see a dropdown menu called workspaces. Open the dropdown menu and select all the workspaces you want to view. 
  5. The surveys/reports in those workspaces will appear in your library.
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