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We've compiled a list of webinars to help you get started with Enalyzer and give you a closer look at the multiple features available for your surveys and reports. If you have any questions, contact our support team at support@enalyzer.com.


Create and design surveys

Learn how to create and design surveys as well as getting an overview of your results.

Duration: 30 minutes | Language: English

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Share survey, collect data

The webinar reviews the different methods to collect data in Enalyzer, focusing on email invitations – from CSV files to importing respondents, and scheduling surveys and email invitations.

Duration: 30 minutes | Language: English

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Reporting for Beginners

You'll learn the basic chart types and best practices on how to set up reports and dashboards to better understand your insights.

Duration: 30 minutes | Language: English

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Reporting for PROs

Learn how to set up reports like an expert. We'll review basic and advanced chart types, e.g. time series. Set up filters and data series, as well as sharing report versions for limited access to your reports.

Duration: 45 minutes | Language: English

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