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Can respondents print their answers?

Yes! As long as your survey remains open, respondents can change their answers. Regardless of the survey status (open or closed), respondents can always view and print their answers.

For survey administrators

The response receipt button will appear in the last element of your survey, however, if you are sending respondents down different paths (see jumps and conditions) to an end page, you have to ensure all respondents end in an end page. The reason for this is that when one end page gets added, the survey registers that page as the last element, meaning all respondents need an end page.

If you'd like to change this:

  1. Navigate to your survey and click on the survey menu icon ()
  2. Click on configure
  3. Under respondent options, disable the Allow respondents to change their answers setting

For respondents

  1. As a respondent, once you reach the last element in the survey, you can click on the send receipt button.
  2. You will be asked to enter your email address and click send receipt. You will receive an email receipt.
  3. By clicking the view responses button in the email, you'll be redirected to your receipt page.
  4. If the survey is still open, click on the go to survey button to continue answering and/or editing your existing responses.
  5. If you want to review and/or print your answers, click on the review responses button.


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