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How do I integrate my organization with Azure AD?

As an organization administrator, you can use AAD (Active Directory)* to add members to your organization automatically from your groups in Azure Directories. Here is how you can set up a connection to your Azure AD group for synchronization.

  1. Navigate to your organization you want to add members to.
  2. From the organization homepage, open the menu at the top right and click organizations.
  3. In the side menu select settings.
  4. Click the Connect to Azure Active Directory button.
  5. You will be redirected to a Microsoft login page. Select the Microsoft account you want to connect to.
  6. Read the permissions and accept to proceed.
  7. When redirected back to Enalyzer, select the group you want to synchronize.

The group is now synchronized with your Enalyzer organization. Members will be added as readers, and any change you make in the Active Directory group will automatically update your organization member list. If you wish to connect a different group, you can disconnect the active group from the settings page, and repeat steps 3-7.

The organization members added through Azure AD can now use single sign-on to log into their Enalyzer accounts. This is available on the login page by clicking the Microsoft icon.

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