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Can I send surveys without having email addresses?

Have you ever needed to launch a survey but you don't have email addresses? For example, surveys done over the phone or paper surveys? Or have you ever needed to ensure respondents replied only once to your survey but you didn’t want to use Enalyzer’s email service? If yes, here’s what to do.

Basically, you'll have to create as many fictitious respondents as you need. For instance, if 150 people should answer your survey, then you should create 150 fictitious respondents. How do you do that? Just follow the process you would normally take to send out your survey via email:

  1. Create a CSV file. This file should include your fictitious respondents’ email addresses. You cannot just use any email address for this purpose, as it would violate our terms of use and could get the email sending features in your account blocked. Therefore, you need to create email addresses with the domain @sink.sendgrid.net. You can add as many variables as necessary to the CSV file and report on these later. Click here to download a CSV file sample.
  2. Send email invitations. Since you are using fictitious email addresses, no one will receive an actual invitation. Therefore, no need to spend time customizing your invite.
  3. Download your response data file. Remember to enable the option include system background variables and select the Excel or CSV format. Your response data file includes a unique username and password for every respondent. The combination of username and password is unique to the respondent and it is what will allow 1) the respondent to answer the survey only once and 2) you to track the respondent in the system (only if the survey is not anonymous).
  4. Now you have two options: send the login Enalyzer page with the login information to the respondents or create unique links and send those to the respondent.

Option 1: Create unique links for each respondent

This is the most popular method and though it takes some manual work, it's relatively simple. Once you have downloaded your response data with the username and password of your respondents, you can create unique links for each respondent. Each unique link follows this structure:


Therefore, to create a unique link, all you have to do is replace the field [USERNAME] and [PASSWORD] fields with the actual username and password from the response data file.

If you have more than a few respondents, then you need to head over to Excel. We have compiled a simple and quick guide, nevertheless, keep in mind that when contacting our Customer Success Team, they might not be equipped with the Excel skills to help you with any issues you may find.

  1. Open up Microsoft Excel.
  2. Create three columns: username, password, and URL.
  3. Copy the usernames and passwords from the response data file and insert them into your Excel document
  4. Now it's time for Excel magic. Turn the cell with the survey link into a formula that replaces [USERNAME] and [PASSWORD] with the actual values inserted in columns A and B. The formula would look like this (see image below):
  5. Once you've defined the formula, press enter and the link will contain the username and password. Pull the formula down on all the remaining cells and watch how the usernames and passwords turn into unique links.


Option 2: Send login information

You have to make the following information available to your respondents, whether it's by email or on a website:


IMPORTANT: If you don't have email addresses, you have to use the @sink.sendgrid.net domain. Sending to fake email address violates our terms of use and can get the email sending features in your account blocked.


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