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How do I add categories?

Categories are great to tag and filter your respondents to keep a better overview. Learn more here.

  1. Go to your survey, click on the survey menu icon () and select collect.
  2. Click on categories and add category.
  3. Name your category.
  4. Select a color.
  5. Click the add filter button to define this category.
  6. Select your variable and click add. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you're satisfied.
  7. Click add when you're done.

Enalyzer ensures that you stay updated, therefore, you can receive an email notification when incoming responses match your chosen category, to set them up:

  1. Click on categories
  2. Click on the category you want to get a notification on.
  3. Enable the get notified by email setting.
  4. You'll be notified the next time an incoming response matches your category.
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