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How do I change my sender name and email?

Your sender name and email are taken from your survey's configurations and can be edited there.

  1. Navigate to your survey, and select settings in the side menu. If the menu is closed, click on the menu icon () to open it first.
  2. Under sender, change the sender name and email.
The emails that respondents receive comes from surveys@enalyzer.com. The reason is that the emails are sent and distributed by our servers, therefore, it's paramount that the sender email contains our domain, i.e. enalyzer.com. If this weren't the case, the emails would automatically be flagged as spam because sending emails from one server without having the corresponding domain is spam 101.
The email entered under sender is the "reply to" email address. This means that when respondents want to reply to your invitation, the email you entered under "sender" will pop up. You are welcome to explain this function in the email invitation text to prevent confusion about the origin of the survey and to direct questions to the right recipient.
TL;DR Enalyzer sends the emails from our server and therefore the sender email has to be from our domain. We can't send emails from other domains, e.g. @puredigital.com, because that is spam.
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