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Lesson 6: Download your data

With Enalyzer you can download your survey's raw data file to an Excel file. Raw data files are useful if you, for example, want to make your own calculations in SPSS, CRM, or ERP, or if you want to see each respondent’s individual answers.

  1. Go to your survey and select responses from the side menu.
  2. Open the options dropdown and select download.
  3. You can download your raw data as Excel, CSV, and/or SPSS.
  4. Once you've chosen and defined the criteria for download, click the download* button and your raw data file will download immediately.

NOTE: Users with a Professional subscription have the option to generate a download link that allows anyone with the link to download the raw data outside of Enalyzer. The link can always be reset to ensure security. 

The Excel file is divided into language tabs and a data tab. The number of language tabs depends on the number of languages in your survey. For example, if your survey is in three languages, English, Spanish, and German, the Excel file will have a tab for each containing the survey questions.

Your survey data can be found under the data tab. 

The data tab

In the data tab, you will see your respondents' email, first name, and last time, if they're available. Furthermore, you can also see the survey invitation time, the time when respondents started the survey, and their response status. Following that, you will see your data where the header refers to your survey question and the data underneath is what the respondent has chosen.

For example, header 1 refers to the 1st survey question and the number 1 underneath refers to the 1st response alternative available for that question. For this example, Anita Sexton replied "vegan" to the "what your dietary preferences?" question.

Lastly, you can see the password and username of your respondents, which is the login details they use when logging into their survey.

The raw data file is limited to the respondents included in your plan. Read more.

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    Is this facility can be used in "BASIC Package"?

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    This is available to all our plans :)

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