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How do I translate my survey?

You can provide your respondents with the option to answer your survey in multiple languages. You have to provide your own translations, except when using Enalyzer templates available in multiple languages. Keep in mind that if you make changes to the templates, these will not be automatically translated.

Translate language versions

  1. Go to your survey and click on the language version drop-down menu* on the upper right corner and select the language version you want to translate (remember that you need to add a language by navigating to settings in the side menu and selecting the languages option).
  2. All elements that are not translated will be marked by this icon:
  3. Click on the element you want to translate and you will find that the question's headers and response options have been replaced by TEXT MISSING.
  4. Click on the text you want to translate and enter the translation, you will be able to see a preview to the right.
  5. Your changes will be saved immediately.

Want to translate background variables? Click here.

Remember to test your survey to make sure that your translations are correct.

* This feature is only available with a Professional subscription. Check out our plans.

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