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How do I edit my charts?

  1. To edit your chart, you can:
    • Click on your chart's heading or,
    • Click on the checkbox icon () to select your chart, click actions and choose edit.
  2. Here you can edit the following:
    • Heading: Edit your chart's heading
    • Description: You can add a description to your chart
    • Layout:
      • Chart type: Select between horizontal bars, vertical bars, horizontal stacked bars, vertical stacked bars, pie, donutcircle and gauge chart types. Keep in mind that these are dependent on the variable your chart is based on.
      • Data format: Choose to show your data as percentage or number. If measuring Net Promoter Score®* or Recommendation score*, you can only choose to show your data as a score. If using a gauge chart type for any other question type, the data can only be shown as an average.
      • Data sorting: Choose between default, ascending, descending, and Pareto (80:20 rule) to sort your data.
    • Color theme: Select a color theme for your chart.
  3. Your changes are saved automatically.

You can access your chart's settings and add/edit filters and data series, and share your chart online with others.

* Feature is only available with a Professional subscription. View our plans and pricing.

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