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How do I send reminders to respondents?

We recommend you send two reminders; one halfway through the survey process, and another a day or two before the closure of the survey.

  1. Go to your survey, and select responses in the side menu (if the side menu is not open click the menu icon   to open it first).
  2. You will now be presented with an overview of your respondents.
  3. Click on the actions menu and select remind. If you do not get the remind option, it's because the respondents cannot be reminded. This might be due to the fact that you do not have their email address.
  4. Select the respondents you would like to remind by ticking off the checkbox in front of their name and click on remind.
  5. The sender information is taken from settings of your survey. If the name and email are not specified, enter them but keep in mind that you can only change this if you go to the survey settings.
  6. Now you have the following options:
    • If you already created a message for this survey, click on the drop-down menu under message and select your messages, search for your survey, select it, and finally search for your message.
    • If you don't have a message, select start from scratch or default messages and choose from one of our ready-to-send messages.
  7. Click next.
  8. If necessary, you can edit the heading, opening, button, and closing text of your survey.
    Pro tip: Use merge fields to personalize your invitation message.
  9. Click next. If you have several language versions, you will go through all languages before you reach step 3.
  10. Add an image, change the buttons' color and font of your invitation* and click remind.
  11. Reminders have been sent.

→ Learn how to schedule your reminders to be sent automatically

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