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How do I share my report?

We have changed the way you share reports in Enalyzer. This new way of sharing requires readers to become Enalyzer users, giving you the power to view your readers, manage their roles, and control their access to your report.

There are 3 ways of sharing your report, via a link, workspaces, and upload in bulk.

Report link

  1. Go to your report, click on the report menu icon (), and select share.
  2. Copy/paste the link to share your report.



  1. If you haven't already, create a workspace.
  2. Include the report to the workspace.
  3. Finally, add people to your workspace and they'll have access to your report and anything else you include in the workspace.


Upload in bulk

  1. Go to your report, click on the report menu icon (), and select share.
  2. Click on create/share versions.
  3. Upload your CSV file with emails and click next. If you want to create and share report versions, follow this guide.
  4. Ensure the fields match and click next.
  5. You'll get an overview of the readers you're about to invite, as well as the versions you're about to create and the errors there are in your CSV file if any. To continue, click next.
  6. Click send now to invite people to read your report.


The former way of sharing reports is as follows, however, keep in mind that this method will be deprecated and therefore we suggest you switch to the new one.

When you share a report online, Enalyzer creates a shared version of your report. You can add passwords, update changes and delete the shared report whenever you want.

  1. Go to your report, click on  and select share.
  2. You now have the following options:
    • Link: This is the link to your online report. Use this link to share your report. You can share it through social media, email, create a QR code, etc.
    • Password protection*: Enable this feature to add a password to your shared online report, meaning only people with the password and link can access it.
    • Open answers: Enable this feature if you want to include open answers in the report.
    • Apply anonymity level: Enable this feature to set a minimum of responses needed before the data can be shown to those you share your report with. This ranges from 1 - 10.
    • Status: Here you can update changes, if any, to the shared version of your report. You can also delete the shared version of your report, meaning that those you have previously shared it with will no longer have access.

* This feature is only available in the PRO and PRO+ plans. Check out our plans.

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