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How do I organize elements in a report?

You can organize your charts and text elements in the chart and list view.

Organize elements in chart view

  1. Click on  in the right upper corner of the chart(s) and/or text element(s) you want to select.
  2. Click actions and select move.
  3. You can now choose to place your chart(s) and/or text element(s) before or after any element in the same page.
  4. Click done to save your changes.

Organize elements in list view

  1. Click on charts and select list.
  2. Click on actions and select move elements.
  3. Drag and drop your elements as you please. Unlike the chart view, you can move elements between pages.
  4. Click done to save your changes.

Pro tip: Organize your elements throughout different pages for a more comprehensive report.

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