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What are the variables in a custom link?

Adding variables to your survey link can be used for many different reasons, a popular use is to evaluate support agents.

Example: We want to send a survey to our customers after they have interacted with one of or support agents, in order to asses their individual performance. To do so, we will add the agent's details, name, and email, to the survey link.

  1. Go to your survey, and select responses in the side menu (if the side menu is not open click the menu icon   to open it first).
  2. Click on the add icon () and select custom link.
  3. Under your survey's link, you'll find your survey's background variables. Specify the criteria for the background variables, e.g. first name: Jane. The background variables that you don't specify will not be part of your custom link.
  4. Your survey custom link will change when you specify a background variable.
  5. Copy the link and share it with your respondents.
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