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Lesson 5: Collect responses

You can choose different ways to invite respondents; link, social media, email, website embed, QR codecustom link, and Zapier. You can always combine these to fit your needs.


Link invitation

Enalyzer generates a link to your survey which you can share on your website, Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else you find convenient.

It is important to remember that you can't track respondents you invite via link since they are anonymous. Also, a single respondent can choose to make several replies.

  1. Go to your survey, click the survey menu icon () and select collect.
  2. Click the invite respondents icon () and your survey's link is ready to be copied/pasted anywhere you like.

To access the link again, simply repeat these steps.

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Social media

Collect responses by sharing your survey on social media, such as Facebook or Twitter. We have made Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn readily available. However, if there is a social media site we're missing, simply copy and paste your survey link.

  1. Go to your survey, click the survey menu icon () and select collect.
  2. Click the icon of the social media site you would like to use.

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Email invitation

When you choose this method, you will send your respondents an email invitation to participate in your survey. Email invitations contain a button that links to a unique URL to your survey, meaning your respondents can only answer once, you can track their responses, and send reminders.

Remember to set your survey's degree of anonymity before inviting respondents.

  1. Go to your survey, click the survey menu icon () and select collect.
  2. Click the invite respondents icon () and select email.
  3. The sender information is taken from the configure phase of your survey. If the name and email are not specified, enter them but keep in mind that you can only change this if you go to the configure phase.
  4. Now you have the following options:
    • If you already created a message for this survey, click on the drop-down menu under message and select your messages, search for your survey, select it, and finally search for your message.
    • If you don't have a message, select start from scratch or default messages and choose from one of our ready-to-send messages.
  5. Click next.
  6. If necessary, you can edit the heading, opening, button, and closing text of your survey.
    Pro tip: Use merge fields to personalize your invitation message.
  7. Click next. If you have several language versions, you will go through all languages before you reach step 8.
  8. Add an image, change the buttons' color and font of your invitation* and click next.
  9. You can now choose how you want to add your respondents. You can either upload or copy/paste* your CSV file and/or enter the respondents manually. For more information about mapping fields with CSV file upload, click here.
  10. Once you have entered your respondent information, click add.
  11. Check the respondent data is correct and click next.
  12. Finally, choose whether or not you want to send now or schedule for later*.
  13. If you choose...
    • send now, click next and send now.
    • schedule for later, select the date and time you'd like your invitations to be sent, click next and schedule now.
  14. You will now be able to see an overview of your respondents.

Did you forget to invite someone? Do not despair, simply repeat these steps.

* This feature is only available in the PRO and PRO+ plans. Check out our plans.

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The website collector enables you to collect responses from your website visitors by having the survey integrated on a website: embedded, as a pop-up, or as a button.

  1. Go to your survey, click on the survey menu icon () and select collect.
  2. Click the collect button () and select website.
  3. Copy/paste the tag in your website’s HTML.
  4. Choose between: Standard embed, Pop-up, and Button.
    • Standard embed: 
      Define the size of your embedded survey window.
      Click get code to retrieve the corresponding HTML code.
      Place this code in the right place in your website’s HTML.
      Once satisfied, activate the website collector.
    • Pop-up:
      Enter text for a heading.
      Enter text that accompanies your pop-up survey invitation.
      Set a delay in seconds (how long is a visitor on the website before they get the pop-up).
      Additionally, use the design options to make the pop-up blend into your website.
      Once satisfied, activate the website collector.
    • Button:
      Enter text to show on the button.
      Additionally, use the design options to make the pop-up blend into your website.
      The button will show up in the down-right corner of your website.
      Once satisfied, activate the website collector.

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QR code

Enalyzer will generate a QR code for your survey so you can allow respondents to scan their way to your survey. You can use the code on flyers, posters or whatever you like.

  1. Go to your survey, click and select collect.
  2. Click and select QR code.
  3. Click download and now you can use it anywhere you like!

Want to download the QR code again? Repeat the steps!

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Custom link

Create a custom link based on background variables that will allow you to filter responses.

  1. Go to your survey, click and select collect.
  2. Click and select custom link.
  3. Add the variables you need to your survey link.
  4. When you are done, copy and paste it wherever you like!

To access the link again, repeat these steps!

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With Zapier, you can connect Enalyzer with more than 750 apps and create automated workflows. For example, you can send a survey to a new Salesforce customer automatically export results to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Go to your survey, click and select collect.
  2. Click and select Zapier.
  3. At the moment, Zapier integrations are in "invite-only" mode. To get invited to use Zapier, click here.

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