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How do I choose my survey’s degree of anonymity?

Ensuring survey respondents anonymity can be essential for certain projects. For example, ensuring anonymity when conducting an employee survey is crucial for getting honest feedback from your employees.

Creating an anonymous survey is easy! Once your survey is anonymous, the storage of your respondent background information (email, first and last name) will stop. Furthermore, to maintain anonymity, once your start collecting responses your survey's degree of anonymity can't be changed.

  1. Go to your survey, click on  and select configure.
  2. Under degree of anonymity, choose between no anonymity and anonymous. Your changes will be saved automatically.

Pro tip: add a text element at the beginning of your survey to let your respondents know that their answers are anonymous.

Anonymity and reminders

Believe it or not, anonymous surveys are compatible with reminders. As long as you've invited your respondents via email, you're able to send them reminders if they have not participated in your survey yet.

Since the survey is anonymous, you will not be able to see your respondents' background information and will not be able to tie survey responses to email addresses or names.

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    Sheila Ditlevsen

    If the participans can win something, how do I choose a winner, when I cant see who has choosen

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    Hi Sheila,

    If you want to make a competition, then we have 2 suggestions:

    1. That you make your survey anonymous but give those who are interested in participating in the competition a chance to provide you with their email address. That way you maintain the anonymity of those who choose it.

    2. That you clearly state this is a competition and therefore the survey cannot be anonymous but you promise full confidentiality of the results.

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