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How do I use merge fields in my messages?

Use merge fields to personalize your survey invitations by adding your respondents' background information, such as name, business department, or city of residence to your messages.

  1. When editing your email invitation, click the merge drop-down menu in the heading, opening or closing text.
  2. Select the variable you want to merge in, this can be a background variable or a survey question.
  3. The variable will now be part of your message.

These are the following system merge fields:

  • [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME]: Your respondent's first and last name will be merged in.
  • [SURVEY_LINK]: This merge field merges the respondent's unique and direct link to the survey. The invitation email has to contain this link.
  • [PROJECTID] & [PASSWORD]: This will merge in your survey's ID and each respondent will have their own password. These merge fields are useful when, due to system problems, respondents cannot access the survey link. It is your decision if you want this information to be included in the e-mail invitation.
  • [REFUSE_LINK]: This merges in a link that allows respondents to refuse to participate in the survey. By clicking on this link the respondent is unsubscribed from the survey. You don't have to include this in your email invitation.
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