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How do I personalize my survey using merge fields?

It is possible to merge in content from previous questions and background variables to make your survey more specific and personalized.

This is often used in employee engagement surveys where the respondent's manager name is merged in, or it can be used in customer satisfaction surveys where the company's name is merged in.

How do I use merge fields?

You can use merge fields in questions, response options, text elements and background information.

  1. Go to your survey and click on the question you will be merging other questions/background variables into.
  2. Click in the question text field and click the merge drop-down menu.
  3. Select the question or background variable you want to merge in.
    Please note that you can only merge in previous questions, i.e. question #4 can be merged into question #5 and not the other way around.
  4. The merged question or background variable will now be part of your question.

Remember to test these merge fields when you have added them to your survey, to ensure that they work as expected.

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