About Methodological Videos

We understand that not everyone is an expert in survey design, that's why we've created this learning series.​ With more than 40 methodological learning videos, the series isn’t about point-and-click. It's about sharing knowledge, recommendations, and tips on how to execute successful survey projects.​


Before You Start Your Survey Project

As with any project, the key to conducting a successful survey is preparation. This playlist focuses on the key considerations you need to take before starting your survey project, ensuring its smooth execution. From choosing the right survey frequency and ensuring survey anonymity to creating GDPR-compliant surveys, these videos cover all aspects you need to consider before drafting your first question.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Your Survey Projects

Ensure Respondent Anonymity in Your Surveys and Reports

Plan Your Project: A 7-Week Timeline


Planning Your Survey

Detailed survey planning can be the difference between gathering valuable insights and missed opportunities. The videos in this playlist serve as your guide to designing effective surveys, helping you craft high-quality questions, understand various question types such as the Likert scale, and explore popular concepts within employee and customer experience like Net Promoter Score® and its derivative, eNPS. The purpose of this playlist is to ensure that every element of your survey is meticulously thought out, facilitating effective data collection and meaningful results.

Pilot Test Your Survey


Collecting Survey Data

The process of collecting survey data is a crucial step in your survey project. This playlist provides you with clear and straightforward advice on effectively gathering the responses you need. It covers best practices in data collection, strategies to increase response rates, and tactics to prevent your survey email invitations from being marked as spam. Dive into this playlist to equip yourself with the knowledge necessary for a successful data collection phase, ensuring your survey yields accurate and actionable insights.

The Collectors Feature

Avoid Being Marked as Spam

Boost Your Response Rate


Reporting on Survey Results

Reporting on survey results is where your collected data is transformed into meaningful insights. This playlist focuses on how to build impactful reports, use different chart types to analyze your data, how to interpret your survey results, and share all of this safely with relevant stakeholders. Explore this playlist to master the art of turning your survey data into compelling narratives and actionable recommendations.

Build Engaging Reports

Import Data and Update Background Variables

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