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How do I invite people to join my organization?

Invite your employees to join your organization to centralize all your data and keep it secure in one place. Everything that is created in the organization belongs to that organization and cannot be transferred out.

You can invite members as collaborators or readers. Collaborators can edit the content available to them in the organization, whereas readers have read-only access to the reports and report versions shared with them.

Invite with Azure Active Directory

As an organization administrator, you can use AAD (Active Directory)* to add members to your organization automatically from your groups in Azure Directories. Here is how you can set up a connection to your Azure AD group for synchronization.

  1. Navigate to your organization you want to add members to.
  2. From the organization homepage, open the menu at the top right and click organizations.
  3. In the side menu select settings.
  4. Click the Connect to Azure Active Directory button.
  5. You will be redirected to a Microsoft login page. Select the Microsoft account you want to connect to.
  6. Read the permissions and accept to proceed.
  7. When redirected back to Enalyzer, select the group you want to synchronize.

The group is now synchronized with your Enalyzer organization. Members will be added as readers, and any change you make in the Active Directory group will automatically update your organization member list. If you wish to connect a different group, you can disconnect the active group from the settings page, and repeat steps 3-7.

The organization members added through Azure AD can now use single sign-on to log into their Enalyzer accounts. This is available on the login page by clicking the Microsoft icon.


Invite collaborators

  1. While on the homepage, click on the user menu at the top right of the page, and select the organization.
  2. Select members in the side menu.
  3. Click the add (icon.JPG) icon. 
  4. Click on the dropdown menu, select the collaborator role, and click next.
  5. Insert your employees' email addresses separated by line breaks and click next.
  6. Click send now to send the invitations.

Invite readers

Readers have to first be uploaded and invited later. This gives you the possibility to share reports and reports versions to them before they have been invited. In other words, once you've invited them and they accept the invitation, they'll immediately be able to access their shared reports and report versions.

Step 1: Add readers

You have to create a CSV file with your readers' information. The CSV file has to contain the following headers:

  • firstname - refers to the reader's first name.
  • lastname - refers to the reader's last name.
  • email - refers to the reader's email.

you can also choose to add the following headers:

  • personalid - refers to the reader's personal ID. If you do not include this in your CSV file, Enalyzer will take their email as a personal ID.
  • comment - refers to any comments you might have for a reader e.g. sales manager, CEO, etc. Comments can be used to tag and filter readers.

→ Download sample CSV with only mandatory headers

→ Download sample CSV with all headers

Now that you have your CSV file, it's time to upload it to Enalyzer!

IMPORTANT: The CSV file must be encoded in UTF-8.

  1. Log into Enalyzer, and click on the user menu at the top right of the homepage.
  2. Select the organization.
  3. Select members in the side menu.
  4. Click on the add members (add-organizations.PNG) icon.

Step 2: Invite readers

Readers have now been added to your organization but not invited yet. The advantage of this is that you can assign reports to them and invite them when everything is ready. For example, if all your sales managers need access to the "Sales report", you can do this before they are invited. When you invite them, they will have access to the sales report, saving you time and ensuring everyone has access to what they need the second they accept your invitation to join the organization.

  1. Log into Enalyzer, and click on the user menu at the top right of the homepage.
  2. Select the organization.
  3. Select members in the side menu*.
  4. Click on the Actions menu and select invite.
  5. Select the readers you want to invite and click the invite button.
  6. Edit the sender name and email information and click next.
  7. Edit the email message content and click next.
  8. Edit the email message design and click next.
  9. Click send now to invite readers.
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