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What are organizations?

With organizations, companies can ensure that all data and content related to the company is centralized and kept in one place, instead of distributed throughout individual employee accounts. Create an organization and invite your employees to join, everything they create in the organization will always stay in the organization, and can never be transferred out. Therefore, when an employee leaves an organization, they leave the work they have done in the organization.

Organization members

There are three roles for organization members: administrator, collaborator, and reader.

  • Administrators can*:
    • Invite people to join the organization
    • Remove organization members
    • Change member roles
    • Change the organization's name and design
  • Collaborators can:
    • Create their own surveys, reports, and workspaces.
  • Readers have:
    • read-only access to the reports and report versions shared with them.

* Administration tasks are only available to PRO+ users. If you created an organization with a PRO+ account and downgraded afterward, organization administrative rights will be revoked.

Joining and leaving an organization

People can only join an organization if they're invited by an administrator. Invitations are sent via email and these contain a unique link that gives access to the organization.

Members can leave an organization whenever they want by navigating to the organization overview, clicking the organization they want to leave, and clicking leave organization.

IMPORTANT: Once you leave, you leave all the content you've created behind.

Collaborators vs Readers Switching between organizations

Collaborators need to have Enalyzer accounts. Therefore, they can switch between their private account and organization. They have to click on their name on top of the page and select organizations, they'll get an overview of all the organizations they're part of, and easily switch.

Readers get read-only access to reports and report versions shared with them. When invited, they have to provide a password, making your reports and report versions password protected.

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