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How do I invite people to join my workspace?

Workspaces make collaborating with your team simple and manageable. To invite people to join a workspace, you have to be an administrator.

  1. Navigate to your workspace and click on the create icon (include-workspaces.PNG).
  2. Click on the workspace menu icon () and select members.
  3. Click on the invite icon (include-workspaces.PNG).
  4. Choose the role you want to give the new member(s):
    • Administrator: Workspace administrators have all the rights and privileges available to collaborators, report readers, and version readers, furthermore, they can manage the workspace content and its members.
    • Collaborator: Workspace collaborators can include and exclude their own surveys and reports, as well as edit the content available in the workspace.
  5. When you choose a role, click next.
  6. Enter your team's email addresses separated by a line break and click next.
  7. Click send now to send the workspace invitations.
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